Knowledge represents an indispensable asset to individuals, enterprises and governments alike devoted to the cause of human advancement. The Knowledge for Development Community is at the forefront of a movement that seeks to boost international development by making the best use of the plethora of knowledge and creativity available to societies around the world.

We find ourselves at a momentous crossroads with regard to the future of international development work. In light of the new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), knowledge must be a priority on the global community’s stated development agenda going forward.

The global Knowledge for Development Community is looking to get to the very heart of these questions and to conceive a set of Knowledge Development Goals (KDGs) for the year 2030. 

Leading figures in the field of development will be invited to share their visions and ambitions to co-create and collectively constitute these Knowledge Development Goals and an Agenda Knowledge for Development.

Based on this preliminary, groundbreaking work, the Global Knowledge for Development Summit 2016 will give opportunity to present, reflect, discuss and deepen the draft Knowledge Development Goals and the Agenda Knowledge for Development.

Representatives from governments, international organisations, NGOs, multilateral finance institutions, industry and academia will meet to form a living and breathing community of knowledge, following up on and promoting the achievement of the Knowledge Development Goals.

KDGs - Agenda for Knowledge for Development


Knowledge City World Summit 2016 – Photo Gallery